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Reactive Flash Color lenses are made with photochromic particles that offer a unique climate management technology.

Darkening from low to high light transmission in seconds and tailored to achieve a custom color from an initial clear state, Reactive Flash Color lenses are available in 3 different colors and with Laser mirror coating (Flash Silver, Flash Red , Flash Blue). Reactive Flash Color lenses enhance contrast, even in dark conditions, improve visual acuity and depth perception while providing unparalleled eye protection.

Unlike most standard photochromic lenses, Reactive Flash Color lenses are fused into the polymer mass itself in a complex manufacturing process, making it more durable and clearly optically superior to most competitors.

Reactive Flash Color lenses are made with NXT ™ technology which guarantees:

– Lightweight;

– Superior optical quality;

– Stability over time;

– Resistance to solvents.

NXT ™ is much stronger than glass and weighs less than half of it; furthermore, unlike other high impact polymers, NXT ™ has a very similar refractive index to glass.

The performance of a sunscreen does not only depend on the material from which the lens is made. It does not even depend on the color of the lenses, but on the type of filtration. The visual performance of a lens depends on the light absorbency chosen for each radiation length.