• Triaghon

        • Shirocco s-tech

        • Shirocco

        • Shalimar 2.0

        • Shabli Baleno

        • Shabli s-line

        • Shabli X-plod

        • Shot nx

        • Shake jump

        • Shake City

        • Shameless

        • Shameless Urban

        • RG5400

        • RG5400 Reactive

        • RG6101

        • RG5800

        • RG5800 Reactive

        • RG5200 WX

        • RG5500

        • RG5500 REACTIVE

        • RG5000 WX REACTIVE

        • RG5900

        • RG5900 REACTIVE

        • RG5300

        • RG5200 WX REACTIVE

        • RG3090

        • RG5000 WX

        • Landscape white red

        • Heron Yellow fluo

        • landscape black silver

        • Heron pink blue

        • Landscape white blue

        • Heron black red

        • Landscape black red

        • Heron white blue

        • Landscape white green

        • Heron white red

        • Lanscape black blue

        • Heron black silver

        • Nain white

        • nain pink

        • Nain blue

        • Nain black

        • Nain green

        • Heron black blue

        • Babak

        • Shedd

        • Shiver Visor

        • Shiver

        • Slider

        • Shiver Visor Photocromic

        • Morpheus

        • Exclusive

        • Exclusive visor

        • Pads visor

        • Pads

        • Flash

        • Classic Creme Flag

        • Airbrush Nuvolari

        • Classic White

        • Airbrush Club

        • Classic red

        • Airbrush – Barchetta

        • Classic Cream

        • Classic – Green

        • Visor (vintage helmets)

        • Shirld

        • Shiel convertible

        • Shiel junior

        • Shield jr convertible


SH+ has focused squarely on producing top quality products with exceptional flair. The manufacturing specialists spend a great deal of time and energy developing solutions that make goggles as safe, comfortable and flexible to wear as possible.


SH + is always looking for a new cutting-edge technology to offer the consumer a better product every day.

Thanks to technological materials, our craftsmen create a comfortable, light product, suitable for any sport.


All our glasses are entirely designed to offer maximum comfort and a perfect fit. Designed by highly skilled designers, the majority of our products integrate optimal comfort solutions with adjustable temples for absolute customization.

They adapt to the somatic characteristics of each ethnic group.


The final part of the shaft made of a soft polymer adapts perfectly to the curvatures of the skull avoiding any form of pressure in the temporal area.

The same applies to the nose pads made of soft polymer with a folding core ensuring excellent comfort.


The lens replacement system called Easy-Change is one of the core technologies of our sports eyewear. Each model has a different lens replacement system. The shape of the lenses and the frame interact differently. Easy-Change technology allows you to easily change lenses to adapt your glasses to any light condition.


Fogging reduction for a vision of absolute transparency : ventilations from the lenses of our glasses are used to control the air flow to reduce thermal shock and prevent fogging . Thus ensuring perfect vision and optimum ventilation .