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Via marconi 16b –

26040 Bonemerse (Cr) Italy

Email: info@shplus.com



This helmet has been designed to absorb shock. Following a fall, the helmet could suffer partial destruction or breakage of its shell.

For this reason, in the event of a crash, the helmet can no longer be used and must be replaced, even if it does not appear damaged. SH + ® by Ma.Ro Group Srl offers you the SH + ® helmet policy against any risk of breakage or damage caused by a fall or impact while riding a bicycle.

During this period, SH + ® gives you the opportunity to replace the helmet impacted by a bicycle accident with a new one, giving you a 50% discount on the purchase price, according to the current price list.

You can qualify for the SH + ® Lifetime Accident Replacement Policy by completing the online form and receive information about SH + ® and the latest news.

If you don’t register, you won’t benefit from the crash replacement program. To obtain a replacement helmet, following a bicycle accident, send an e-mail to info@shplus.com quoting your complete data and the e-mail address used for registration, as well as a photo of the impacted helmet and information about the accident. SH + will allow you to have the contact details of the distributor in charge of the replacement. You will receive the new helmet upon payment of 50% of the purchase price according to the current price list (with the addition of shipping costs).

SH + ® reserves the right to decide in relation to the replacement of any returned helmet.

This policy will be valid FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE OF USE! helmets, bikes, skis, goggles