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MA.RO Group Srl is a family manufacturing company with a background of over 40 years of experience.
It was founded in 1978 as a small workshop for the packaging and assembly of helmets and accessories for sports on behalf of the most prestigious Italian brands of the time.
The experience in design and study in the sports market, thanks to the cooperation over the years with some of the most important companies in the sector, meant that, starting from the year 2000, Ma.Ro Group entered the international market its own sporting goods brand, SH +, with the launch of four different product lines:
– ski helmets;
– ski goggles;
– sports glasses;
– bicycle helmets.
In the past few years we have obtained a very positive response from our customers and our image has grown a lot in the eyes of loyal consumers. Now, we can count over 30 exclusive distributors in the world and 280 points of sale in Italy.
Right now, we can boast some big caliber athletes in the various disciplines covered by our product lines.


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