• Triaghon

        • Shirocco s-tech

        • Shirocco

        • Shalimar 2.0

        • Shabli Baleno

        • Shabli s-line

        • Shabli X-plod

        • Shot nx

        • Shake jump

        • Shake City

        • Shameless

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        • RG5900 REACTIVE

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        • RG5200 WX REACTIVE

        • RG3090

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        • Landscape white red

        • Heron Yellow fluo

        • landscape black silver

        • Heron pink blue

        • Landscape white blue

        • Heron black red

        • Landscape black red

        • Heron white blue

        • Landscape white green

        • Heron white red

        • Lanscape black blue

        • Heron black silver

        • Nain white

        • nain pink

        • Nain blue

        • Nain black

        • Nain green

        • Heron black blue

        • Babak

        • Shedd

        • Shiver Visor

        • Shiver

        • Slider

        • Shiver Visor Photocromic

        • Morpheus

        • Exclusive

        • Exclusive visor

        • Pads visor

        • Pads

        • Flash

        • Classic Creme Flag

        • Airbrush Nuvolari

        • Classic White

        • Airbrush Club

        • Classic red

        • Airbrush – Barchetta

        • Classic Cream

        • Classic – Green

        • Visor (vintage helmets)

        • Shirld

        • Shiel convertible

        • Shiel junior

        • Shield jr convertible

RG 5400

The latest additions to SH+®

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The latest additions to SH+®

MA.RO Group Srl is a family manufacturing company with a background of over 40 years of experience. It was founded in 1978 as a small workshop for the manufacturing and assembly of helmets and sports accessories. In the year 2000 it then decided to launch its own brand SH+: through research and innovation, highly functional materials and innovative design, SH+ emerged on the international market with technical and cutting-edge products, always and exclusively «made in Italy".


This helmet was designed to absorb shock. Following a fall, the helmet could suffer partial destruction or breakage of its shell.

For this reason, in the event of an impact, the helmet can no longer be used and must be replaced, even if it does not appear damaged. SH + ® of Ma.Ro Group Srl offers you the policy on SH + ® helmets against any risk of breakage or damage caused by a fall or impact while riding a bicycle.


SH+ has always invested in new products capable of guaranteeing both maximum safety and comfort, exceeding all the requirements set by international standards and regulations.

The "RIT" test is a protocol adopted by SH+ to identify an objective method, based on scientific sources, to measure the performance of its helmets against rotational impacts.